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Genocide and Colonisation

Palestine, Rwanda, Kosovo and Australia share something in common: genocide.
Here in Australia the Indigenous people have been dealt with no differently: they have their own flags and institutions as long as they're allowed to have them by our government representatives.
This is understandable.
After all, our government represents the people who invaded and stole the land from the original owners.
Any problems the Indigenous people have, now, are of their own doing.
The government's representatives have clean hands.
At least as clean as those of the US government in Iraq right now involved in its oil wars, and colonial occupation of a non-western sovereign country.
And as clean as Israel over their land and water wars in Palestine.
Each charge of genocide involves a theft of land and life-giving resources from the living owners by the new inhabitants.
This is why genocide is part and parcel of colonisation.
Make the connection between government controlled self serving propaganda and the land grab.
Look beyond the cultural, religious, and racial differences, and you'll find a land grab.
Government leaders make use of language to disguise events and divert attention from their actions.
They deceive the greater public.
We must not allow these crimes against humanity to continue.
It has already been well documented and reported that the US government's real purpose for going to war with Iraq was to take control of Iraqi oil. The removal of Saddam Hussein was a justification designed to camouflage a re-colonisation of Iraq in an oil grab of the type that created Iraq after WWI.
Today, cultural genocide is a possible result of the US occupation for the Arab population. Likewise, Israel has illegally taken the land from the Palestinian owners.
Government leaders use ancient battles, and religious rhetoric to justify and camouflage their actions to the rest of the world.
But in fact this is genocide based on nothing more than a theft of land and water resources, as has pointed out elsewhere.
The evidence: - 40% of Israel's water comes from sustainable sources under Palestinian land that is occupied by Israel. The Israeli government has enabled ground water to reach Israeli settlements in the desert thereby restricting the Palestinians' access to water.
It is also starving them to death in their own land.
The colonisation of Australia was another illegal land grab.
This "unoccupied land" always had Indigenous inhabitants and owners. This "stolen land" still does.
The effect of colonisation upon the original owners is an unspoken genocide. This genocide of the Indigenous people is still is taking place here.
The evidence: recently the World Health Organisation was moved to take steps to help the Indigenous people of the desert tribes here
So desperate is their situation in this great country.
There are other steps that accelerate the death rate of the Indigenous people.
Government moves to prevent self-determination, land rights, compensation, and treaties with the original owners reflect racism.
Above all, these express the policy of colonisation which requires a total denial of basic human rights.
This invalidates any remorse for genocide. To say "sorry" is not enough !
More recently the government of South Australia ruled against the original owners relating to Hindmarsh Island.
The spirituality of the Ngarrindjerri people and the intertwining of their lives to the land and water was totally ignored.
This also is genocide and must be stopped.
We do not need to commit acts of violence but we do need to have the courage to speak up and stop genocide wherever it takes place.
29 May 2004
Alma Iris Ramirez - Member of the Multicultural Writers Association of Australia Inc.

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Apache Wars
As Israel's main ally, the US supports Israel's illegal annexation of Palestinian settlements, apartheid, and the genocide of the legal occupants of this land.
To aid Israel, the US has brought in their Apache helicopter with its gunships firing their machine gun bullets and missiles on Palestinian civilians in their own communities.
I strongly object to the Americans naming these instruments of terror and death after a people they exterminated.
I refer to the great guerilla fighters, the Apaches.
It is an insult to their memory and tradition of bravery, for the war upon a fenced in population does not require bravery.
The Apaches were great warriors who fought to stay free and on their lands.
They fought the Mexicans for 400 years, before they were pushed Northward out of Mexico and into the territory of their enemies the Commanche .
In 1840 after a treaty with Mexico, the Apaches came under "the care" of the U.S. government.
Treaties were signed with the Apache "for as long as the grass shall grow".
Without exception these treaties were broken.
Policies of removal were implemented to uphold the desire of the US to keep the best lands for themselves. They put the remaining indigenous tribes out of sight in concentration camps and prisons.
Each outbreak of hostilities between the indigenous people and the white settlers brought an increase of soldiers to the area. Each increase brought more unrest among the Apaches on the reservations and more escapes into the mountains of North ern Mexico.
It became apparent to the Apaches that if they were going to survive they had to leave their traditional lands.
General Nelson A Miles from the Department of War issued an order in February 11 1887 for the "destruction or capture of the hostile Apaches".
Apaches shared a belief with other indigenous people throughout the world: that a man's attachment to his land was a vital necessity and that he would sicken and eventually die if cut off from this source of life - the land itself.
Geronimo, the Apache leader was a shaman, or medicine man.
The Americans thought he was chief because of his force of personality, bravery and his expertise in "little wars": guerilla warfare.
He was born in June 1829 around the headwaters of the Gila River. Known as Goyathlay by his people, named Geronimo by the Mexicans.
For many years he resisted taking his people to live on reservations because he saw that the promises made to indigenous people were never kept.
That the Reservation Indians starved to death. Their children were taken from them and sent away to Indian Schools.
This spirit of resistance marked the Apaches for extinction.
Geronimo, the last great Apache warrior died a prisoner of war, February 17 1909 at Fort Sill, bitterly regretting that he'd surrendered in an effort to save the remnants of his starving tribe. That he didn't it fight it out to the end in his beloved mountains.
Legend has it that his bones were secretly dug up and taken from the Apache section of the Fort Sill cemetery, to freedom.
There is nothing noble about the Israeli war in Palestine or about the way this war is being fought.
This is not guerilla warfare , it is a total disgorgement of munitions upon a trapped people.
Israeli and American disregard for life and freedom does not honour Apache warriors.
If anything, these helicopters are being used against an occupied and resisting people who are suffering the fate of the Apaches.

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