Sister baskets


Ngarrindjeri basket weaving is taught here at Camp Coorong by Aunty Ellen Trevorrow and other Ngarrindjeri women.

Ellen Trevorrow is a Ngarrindjeri woman living and working with her family at Camp Coorong.  She was taught weaving by an elder, Aunty Dorrie, about sixteen years ago.


"Everything made by the old people served a purpose and it is an honour for me to be doing it today"

Ellen Trevorrow


"This is one part of our culture that the land provides for us.  Take away our land, destroy our land and it will destroy our freshwater rushes for our cultural weaving.  The land is already salting up, and pesticides are ruining the rushes.  We have to travel a long way today to collect our freshwater rushes………
Aunty Ellen Trevorrow