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In 1923 our Ngarrindjeri elders (pictured below) presented the petition of our Ngarrindjeri mothers (written by Ellen Kropinyeri) to the Governor of South Australia for the return of our children.

The South Australian Government ignored our plea. It has ever since kept a politic deaf ear turned to our Ngarrindjeri people's ongoing specific and desperate requests for South Australia to recognise, respect and protect our special cultural, spiritual, legal, social and economic needs and accept our human rights.

In the face of this obdurate indifference in government in South Australia we have no choice but to bring Australia Change to all Australians so that we Ngarrindjeri people can get our rights.

Most Admired

Uncle David Unaipon - the Ngarrindjeri korni (man) on Australia's $50.    He wrote, and YOU can read it on the note as he wrote it:   "As a full blooded member of my race I think I may claim to be the first - but I agree, not the last - to produce an enduring record of our customs, beliefs and imaginings".

Three Ngarrindjeri Ambassadors to South Australia in 1923
Australia Change

Heroes !


Here is the new generation Ngarrindjeri elder with whom we Australians must work together for Australia Change; Size=240 pixels wide

The viable seeds of a re-newed future for us all together need to be seen in the way Australia treats the River Murray mouth.

Australia Change will appear as a renewed and vital spirit here:

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