At Camp Coorong we offer various activities we feel will suit any person or group wishing to learn more about Aboriginal History, Arts, Crafts and the environment within the Ngarrindjeri region.

The idea of the development of Camp Coorong was a vision that we, the Ngarrindjeri people, had back in 1985.  We believed that we must have a place where people can come to learn about our heritage and culture.  We also believed that this would lead to  non-Aboriginal people developing a better understanding of our Ngarrindjeri traditions and our relationships to the land, waters, trees, plants and animals

At Camp Coorong, to develop better understandings, we tell of our traditions and our way of life before European invasion of our lands,  We teach the ways that my ancestors lived.

We take groups out on field trips upon the land talking about  places that are important to us.

We teach our Ngarrindjeri basket-weaving techniques.  We tell of our stories relating to the land, waters, trees, plants, birds and animals--people call them our dreaming stories.

Come along to Camp Coorong and …

  • Hear about Ngarrindjeri's feelings for land and culture
  • View a midden site and talk about burial grounds
  • Learn the art of basket weaving
  • Learn about the environment, animals, medicine and food plants of the Coorong by going on a nature walk with Ngarrindjeri elders
  • Talk to Ngarrindjeri Aboriginals about  present day Ngarrindjeri Culture
  • View videos and visit the cultural museum
  • Go on Field trips to Southern and Northern ends of the Coorong
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